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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Kindergarten class loved learning about sharks! I created a sharks flipchart on my interactive whiteboard for instruction. I used so much of Susan's and Jennifer's information and links about sharks within my flipchart by hyperlinking certain interactive pages and documenting facts from the sources. As a whole group, we listed everything we know about sharks on a shark web, and then we wrote our names on a "Are you afraid of sharks" chart. During independent time, the students were able to research sharks on the provided links. In small groups, we read shark stories and drew pictures of our favorite sharks (and later scanned)! We finished our shark study on the killing of sharks. The class learned the importance of sharks, contemplated the question of "What if all the sharks disappeared?" and discovered ways to deter the killing of these fascinating creatures.

As a class we exported our finished shark flipchart into a powerpoint and then saved each into jpegs. We then made a movie of the slide pictures and added shark music! We added the movie to our class website to show our parents. The class loved this project! I loved this project! The parents wrote me notes in their child's agenda stating how much they enjoyed learning about sharks and seeing their child's artwork.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hello Fellow Shark Byte Bloggers!
My class will be starting our sharks as soon as we finish our Autumn Unit. I am looking forward to this project, especially since I will be learning more about sharks along with my first graders.

Miss Huling's First Grade